Pauline & Kitty

Pauline and Kitty are our two afternoon tea buses. They are both named after Karen’s grandmothers as, like us at Vintage Tea Tours, they welcomed everyone into their home for tea and cakes whether you were the postman or the Pope.

It is this sense of nostalgia and the door always being open that we wish to always to recreate on board.

Pauline and Kitty are two fully restored Routemaster buses. These front engine double decker buses were designed by and for London Transport.



Molly is the latest addition to the VTT fleet. Like Pauline & Kitty she has the iconic half cab and open back platform but unlike the other two she is a vintage Leyland bus.

Molly seats 74 passengers and represents a new wing to the VTT company. She is available for transport for vintage inspired weddings, events etc.

For more information on hiring Molly email


Karen - Owner

I'm Karen, owner of Vintage Tea Tours. It's my job to make sure the wheels keep rolling, the kettle is always on and there is always time for a cuppa & a catch up. 

Three Facts:

  1. I was on the Late Late Toy Show twice 

  2. I make a mean carrot cake 

  3. I renewed my wedding vows with Elvis in Las Vegas - funniest, most expensive seven minutes of my life 

Guilty Pleasure

Escaping to the West with my husband David, children Matthew & Julia.. and Gin!

Best Moment on Vintage Tea Tours

Having Nationwide join my extended family on a trip in honour of my Granny (Pauline - we named our first bus after her).  We had such a lovely day for the trip and the film crew were trying to get some nice footage of the bus going through the Phoenix Park - but my family just wouldn't behave! Flaying arms out windows and singing...  it was hilarious, but I could have killed them!  You know the saying "you can choose your friends.... but you can’t choose your family!"



I’m the bus driver of Vintage Tea Tours. I have a keen interest in old, vintage buses. I love keeping the bus in clean condition and make sure she’s always looking her best. I keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. Always happy when things go perfectly to plan. I love when I get to customise routes. We had a group from EY on and they wanted greenery rather than the concrete of Dublin so I planned the route we did for them and they loved it.

Three Facts:

  1. I have an interest in numismatics. This is collecting old coins and coin stamps.

  2. I love collecting old bus memorabilia such as timetables, schedules, number plates and everything and anything like that.

  3. I was in Dublin Bus for 35 years as a conductor, driver and supervisor. I retired in 2013.

Guilty Pleasure:

I’m a bit of a lotto buff and always buy a few lines of the lotto but have yet to win anything.


Ciara - Sales & Marketing Executive

My name is Ciara and I’m the Sales & Marketing Executive at Vintage Tea Tours. I manage the social media accounts, create the content we share and work on events and advertising opportunities for the company.

Three Facts:

  1. I’ve travelled to 30 different countries in the last 7 years.

  2. I aim to drink 6-8 litres of water a day.

  3. The only food I don’t like is sushi, I literally eat everything else!

Guilty Pleasure:

False tan. I love it and wear it every single day!

Favourite Moment on Bus:

Hearing and listening to people’s stories. We had the ladies on from Kenilworth Bowling Club and I loved hearing them relive and tell their own memories and funny stories of Dublin while we travelled through the streets.


Megan - Host

I am a host and tour guide with Vintage Tea Tours. I make teas and coffees and hopefully while giving the tour make everyone laugh at my teatastic jokes!

Three Facts:

  1. I love to travel as often as possible! My favourite destination so far is Switzerland (I’ve been there 3 times in the last year)

  2. I can speak several languages.

  3. I love all things vintage. That’s why vintage tea tours is just my cup of tea!

Guilty Pleasure:

Socialising with my two best friends - Jameson whiskey and ginger ale! 

Favourite Moment on Bus:

A lady was celebrating her 85th birthday with us on the bus and when she arrived to the bus she had a zimmer frame but insisted on sitting upstairs. The whole experience made her day even more special! We were all amazed that she could get up the stairs quicker than us!


Lauren - Host

I am a professional dancer who trained in London and I teach musical theatre in stage schools. Working with VTT is great fun, meeting new people everyday, having the chats and hearing everyone’s mad and whacky stories and hearing about when they used to run for the vintage buses back in the “Good Aul Days”.

Three Facts:

  1. I lived in London for 5 years...where to next.?!

  2. I travel around the world as much as I can..

  3. My second toe is a little longer than my first

Guilty Pleasure:

Pornstar cocktails or an Iced Baileys

Favourite Moment on Bus:

Having a 4 year old on the bus and she knew answers to all my questions... She even knew the colour of Guinness.. the whole bus were in stitches, she had the best time ever. Just shows the bus is great for all ages.