Karen - Owner

I'm Karen, owner of Vintage Tea Tours. It's my job to make sure the wheels keep rolling, the kettle is always on and there is always time for a cuppa & a catch up. 

Three Facts:

  1. I was on the Late Late Toy Show twice 

  2. I make a mean carrot cake 

  3. I renewed my wedding vows with Elvis in Las Vegas - funniest, most expensive seven minutes of my life 

Guilty Pleasure

Escaping to the West with my husband David, children Matthew & Julia.. and Gin!

Best Moment on Vintage Tea Tours

Having Nationwide join my extended family on a trip in honour of my Granny (Pauline - we named our first bus after her).  We had such a lovely day for the trip and the film crew were trying to get some nice footage of the bus going through the Phoenix Park - but my family just wouldn't behave! Flaying arms out windows and singing...  it was hilarious, but I could have killed them!  You know the saying "you can choose your friends.... but you can’t choose your family!"



I’m the bus driver of Vintage Tea Tours. I have a keen interest in old, vintage buses. I love keeping the bus in clean condition and make sure she’s always looking her best. I keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. Always happy when things go perfectly to plan. I love when I get to customise routes. We had a group from EY on and they wanted greenery rather than the concrete of Dublin so I planned the route we did for them and they loved it.

Three Facts:

  1. I have an interest in numismatics. This is collecting old coins and coin stamps.

  2. I love collecting old bus memorabilia such as timetables, schedules, number plates and everything and anything like that.

  3. I was in Dublin Bus for 35 years as a conductor, driver and supervisor. I retired in 2013.

Guilty Pleasure:

I’m a bit of a lotto buff and always buy a few lines of the lotto but have yet to win anything.



My name is Shane and I’m one of the hosts on the bus. I look after the customers, get them their teas or coffees and I set the bus up so we are all ready for them when they arrive. I also say a few little things about Dublin city as we ride along.

Three Facts:

  1. I love charades.

  2. I definitely like my karaoke

  3. I'm a pretty fast runner which comes in handy when your chasing down a bus to get you into work on time!

Guilty Pleasure:

Pigging out on junk food, watching films and doing nothing all day only on my days off though.

Favourite Moment on Bus:

When I did the tour in a french accent (the language of love) to a couple on their honeymoon, we had lots of craic that day. It was very funny.


Ciara - Sales & Marketing Executive

My name is Ciara and I’m the Sales & Marketing Executive at Vintage Tea Tours. I manage the social media accounts, create the content we share and work on events and advertising opportunities for the company.

Three Facts:

  1. I’ve travelled to 30 different countries in the last 7 years.

  2. I aim to drink 6-8 litres of water a day.

  3. The only food I don’t like is sushi, I literally eat everything else!

Guilty Pleasure:

False tan. I love it and wear it every single day!

Favourite Moment on Bus:

Hearing and listening to people’s stories. We had the ladies on from Kenilworth Bowling Club and I loved hearing them relive and tell their own memories and funny stories of Dublin while we travelled through the streets.


Emma - Host

I’m a host on the bus. I make the tea and coffees and give the tours. I’m really personable and love chatting to people on the bus.

Three Facts:

1. I love to dye my hair crazy colours. So far I’ve dyed it green, purple and orange. I think blue will be next.

2. I love to volunteer mainly with Childline and through societies in DIT. It has brought me to events like Electric Picnic and Slane.

3. I have a gold medal for gymnastics in the local community games. Disclaimer, I was the only one that actually showed up!

Guilty Pleasure:

Glitter. My primary school banned glitter after I went over the top.

Favourite Moment on Bus:

One time a couple from Dublin were on. It was a surprise for her. I chit-chatted to them as they knew all about the sights already. They were really lovely.


Mark - Transport Manager

My name is Mark and I’m the Transport Manager. My job is to manage the transport operations of Vintage Tea Tours & ensure that the buses are fit for service. I worked in Bus Eireann for almost 10 years & I’ve driven buses of all shapes & sizes through every county in Ireland.

Three Facts:

  1. I love preserving old vehicles. I own two vintage ex-CIE buses & a vintage ex-Dublin Fire Brigade fire engine.

  2. I’m a registered EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). I’ve been a volunteer in EMS (Emergency Medical Services) for over 20 years.

  3. Even though I drive an Afternoon Tea bus I can’t stand hot drinks.

Guilty Pleasure:

I own three guitars but can barely play one. I like to think I’m Jimmy Page but in reality I wouldn’t even make it past round one of Ireland’s Got Talent even on a very good day.


Megan - Host

I am a host and tour guide with Vintage Tea Tours. I make teas and coffees and hopefully while giving the tour make everyone laugh at my teatastic jokes!

Three Facts:

  1. I love to travel as often as possible! My favorite destination so far is Switzerland (I’ve been there 3 times in the last year)

  2. I can speak several languages.

  3. I love all things vintage. That’s why vintage tea tours is just my cup of tea!

Guilty Pleasure:

Socializing with my two best friends - Jameson whiskey and ginger ale! 

Favourite Moment on Bus:

A lady was celebrating her 85th birthday with us on the bus and when she arrived to the bus she had a zimmer frame but insisted on sitting upstairs. The whole experience made her day even more special! We were all amazed that she could get up the stairs quicker than us!