karen-afternoon-tea-toursKaren Nixon: With 15 years working in the service industry, Karen brings a wealth of expertise in customer service. Having worked with big international brands the move to managing her own “food” business has been a dream come true. The transition happened swiftly, having met with Donato Romano as they found that they had common passions, drive and dreams for the future. She lives in Dublin, in the sleepy fishing village of Howth with her husband David, two children, two dogs and two cats… and searching for the all illusive work life balance.

Bob (our Driver): Bob’s three years older than the last British manufactured steam loco and from the same town, Swindon. Always interested in transport, Bob served his time as a Fitter in Dublin Port & Docks for seventeen years. He has a fascination for restoring and operating railway locomotives and in his spare time supports the Railway Preservation society of Ireland.

Pauline: The bus belonged to David Shepherd who is a leading British Wildlife artist. He painted “Westminster 66” in 1994 for The Friends of London Transport Museum. He exchanged the painting for an actual Routemaster bus, which he then used to promote his wildlife conservation foundation. This is that bus and I’ve named her Pauline… “Pauline” is named after my Gran, a courageous, fierce and fabulous woman. Her kitchen was always full of fun, love and honesty where the problems of the day evaporated into laughter over tea and cake. It was the most special place in the world!